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Frixx Explained

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·Oct 23, 2022·

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Frixx is about to make a name for itself as a social network for Tech Enthusiasts. A social network that connects users through shared technology interests.

With an advanced Q&A forum, We want to become an hot spot for developers and technologists seeking to gain, share, and aggregate expert knowledge. A wide variety of programming topics means there is a certified answer for nearly every question.

Frixx will provide tools for techies to sell or buy projects on the marketplace.

With Frixx you can also get a mentor in your tech field or you can even become a mentor in your tech field.

Recruiting within the community is made easy through the career opportunity and talent-seeking tool, Where companies reach young and vibrant developers ready to get the work done.

With access to our user base of well-educated, highly-trained professionals, Startups and Novices can also get access to being mentored by the Big Boys and Girls in the industry.

With your help, Our products and tools will empower people to find what they need to develop technology at work or at home, making the transition from Amateur to Pro.

Frixx, a social network for Tech Enthusiasts, fueled by knowledge.

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