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How it began 17 years ago.

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·Jan 26, 2023·

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  • Uses of jQuery.

JavaScript is among the top 5 most popular computer programming languages and it has multi-purpose usage making it quite complicated for programmers especially newbies and intermediaries to do advanced development with.

It's because of its large nature that it allows the use of frameworks and one of those frameworks which has also become popular is jQuery.

Seventeen years ago, on the 26th of January 2006 jQuery was created by an American entrepreneur and software engineer John Resig.

He was inspired to create jQuery when he got frustrated by issues JavaScript had with cross-browser development and he eventually made a framework to solve that issue bringing simplicity which made software developers glued to jQuery.

This JS framework has become so popular that in 2021 alone, W3Techs reported that it was implemented in over seventy percent of the top 10 million websites in the entire internet.

Uses of jQuery.

Like most JavaScript frameworks, jQuery was made to reduce code lines and make the development process much easier and faster.

For one to use jQuery, the developer has to have fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript itself.

jQuery is used to easily manipulate Document Object Model, DOM.

Enable cross-browser development.

It's used to simplify animated applications.

When next you use jQuery for your development, say a big thanks to Dev. John Resig for this amazing JavaScript framework.

Here's the GitHub profile link for jQuery:

jQuery GitHub profile

To access its documentation and other necessary information about it, you can check out their official site here:

jQuery official site

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